I've lived near Monroe, WA for decades and never knew it had a hidden treasure, a castle ready to host your wedding, event, or an overnight stay! This privately owned castle sits on manicured property ready to provide the full atmosphere to an enchanted setting. There is a natural creek, People's Creek, that runs through the property, which is over 18 acres, and it feeds the manmade koi pond and waterfall, traveling down to where there is also a natural waterfall. It even has dragons on display!


The castle was custom-built in the 90's by a team of different craftsman - each stone fitted by hand on both the exterior and the two-story fireplace on the interior. The woodworking is all custom, from the exterior drawbridge to the pegged hickory floor (no nails!), to the carvings over every interior door. It has been a private residence for the last 30 years until the current owners purchased it to make it available to the public. The life-size dragons outside were made by a Swiss artist out of motorcycle parts. It took three months to create, it was then shipped over and assembled on site with over 200 people in attendance for the unveiling. The custom design models an authentic medieval style. There are five suits of armor, iron hardware from the UK, and many replica swords and daggers.


Weddings at High Rock Castle are truly something out of a fairy tale. Whether you are looking for a classical wedding, fairy tale, or set in the castle's medieval theme, High Rock Castle provides elements and scenes to capture your special day and moments. I had great pleasure capturing photos there with couples demonstrating the versatility of the venue and the looks that can be achieved. Whether you have a picnic setup on the gorgeous lawns with the castle as your backdrop, or photos in front of the water fountain and koi pond, or incorporating the iron dragon into your wedding or engagement photos, High Rock Castle is a place I will highly recommend to my clients.

have fun!

High Rock Castle is such a fun and inviting place, perfect in setting for weddings and special events. It was built with fun in mind! The castle has a secret passages for both people and their pets. Also there is an entire ceiling constellation hidden in the King Suite that only illuminates in the darkness. I am thrilled to add them to the preferred venues list and highly recommend them for your event. Whether you are staying there for a getaway staycation, or planning your big day, always remember to laugh, live in the moment, and have fun. And if you need photography and videography at the High Rock Castle, please contact us here!