Sara Wilson

"Mirza was an absolutely wonderful photographer during my wedding event last month! He was attentive, courteous, and professional! His photos were thoughtful and he wasn't afraid to get dirty or yoga his way into snapping the best photos [...] If you want someone who will pay attention during your special day or event and even ask you questions to be more involved, Mirza is your photographer!!"

Tracy Peterson

"Mirza didn't disappoint. He delivered an amazing epic-statement-product for Old Owen Barn. He showcased the diversity of the property using both the lighter, whimsical and darker, dramatic moods of the barn. To coincide with the visuals his music was spot on in capturing the different moods. Fantastic service and a pleasure to work with!"
Old Owen Barn, LLC

Dax Millan

“Mirza knew that moments are important. He asks the right questions to understand intended tonality and vibe, then translate it flawlessly through his lens. Never saw someone caught candor with such deeper meaning, the way he did.”

Sadik Hadžić

"Mirza is a phenomenally talented photographer and a great pleasure to work with! He has a rare natural gift of looking for, bringing out, and then capturing the true essence of the people and the moments he photographs."

Aimee Lefkowicz

"Mirza has a wonderful eye and captured such lovely moments during my live set. I’ll definitely be asking for more live shots in the future!"

Merima Darrin

"Mirza photographed our baby shower beautifully! He has a gift for capturing natural, candid photos of everyone that turn out absolutely stunning. I was very happy with all of the pictures and will definitely look to him for future events!"

Dan Murphy

"Mirza is such an amazing and talented photographer. He is also very skilled at editing, as demonstrated in [a] touching photo of my dog sitting on my lap. Mirza even added some extra lighting to make the photo pop. Can't wait to see what photos come from his upcoming projects!"